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The Art of Video Prospecting in Modern Sales

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Video prospecting is a transformative approach that revitalizes traditional outreach methods. In the world of sales, where cold emails and calls have become commonplace, a visually engaging and value-packed video message can set you apart. Even a concise 30-second video can deliver a powerful and captivating pitch. Let’s delve into the intricacies of creating impactful sales videos.

Understanding Video Prospecting

Prospecting, the delicate art and science of reaching out to individuals and companies unaware of your product, takes a modern twist with video. In an era dominated by digital communication channels, standing outside a prospect’s office waving your arms isn’t practical. Instead, avenues like email, cold calls, social media, and text messages are explored. However, these often get lost in the sea of cold emails and calls, leading to reflexive ignorance by prospects.

Video prospecting introduces a fresh perspective, allowing you to recreate your messages through a more engaging medium. The key is to leverage an unconventional outreach method that inherently stands out. To move beyond mere clicks, your prospecting videos must weave a clear storyline complemented by eye-catching visuals. These videos aim to encourage prospects to engage actively with your message. The beauty of video prospecting lies in its adaptability to any digital channel your team uses for outreach.

Why Video Prospecting Matters

The human brain processes 90% of information visually, making video a potent tool that operates 60,000 times faster than text. This cognitive preference for visuals forms the bedrock of video prospecting’s power. Videos engage both sight and sound, offering a compelling medium for your sales team to consistently connect with prospects. The results speak for themselves – people not only prefer video over text, but they also respond more favorably to it.

According to Business Wire, 90% of sales reps consider video a crucial tool that facilitates connections with new leads, engages prospects, and influences deals. The preference for shorter videos adds to the allure, making planning, recording, and editing prospecting videos more accessible. Shorter videos eliminate the need for elaborate productions, providing a concise yet impactful way to capture your prospect’s attention.

The First Step: Crafting a Sales Prospecting Video

If you’re sold on the idea of video prospecting but unsure where to begin, the good news is you don’t have to start from scratch. Revisit your successful prospecting materials, such as emails and LinkedIn messages. Identify those that have undergone thorough A/B testing and demonstrated healthy conversion rates. These proven materials can serve as the foundation for your video script.

Video scripting involves a blend of visual and audio elements. Depending on your choice, these elements can range from on-screen text, pop-ups, and lower thirds to graphics, animations, and on-screen narration. When writing your script, consider what will appear on the screen, maintaining a conversational yet professional and friendly tone. Ensure your script covers the essential points:

  • An introduction: Greet your audience and introduce yourself.
  • Your purpose: Clearly articulate why you’re reaching out via email or social media.
  • The value: Emphasize the relevance of your outreach and your company’s value to them.
  • Encouragement: State the next steps and include a compelling call-to-action before closing.
  • thank you: Conclude your video with gratitude, leaving a positive impression.

Tools for Video Prospecting

With your script in hand, the next step is transforming it into a video. If you choose the DIY route and have the necessary equipment, shooting, reviewing, and reshooting (if required) for short videos is straightforward. For longer videos, consider downloading video editing software to enhance efficiency.

For those seeking scalability, innovative video prospecting tools are available:

  • Potion: Utilizes “AI recreation” technology to combine recorded videos with automated personalization features. For instance, one video recording can be personalized for multiple prospects by sampling your voice and recreating your image.
  • Sendspark: Enables the creation of a main video with personalized sections. Offers functions like CRM connectivity, analytics, and the ability to insert a video message directly into an email.
  • ReachOut.AI: Leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized prospecting videos. Users can choose from AI-generated avatars or clone their own image, with personalized narration for each video.

Optimal Scenarios for Video Prospecting Effectiveness

Video prospecting extends beyond a mere replacement for text-based messages. It finds application in various scenarios, including:

  • Scaled campaigns: Technology allows sending out hundreds of personalized videos based on a template video, minimizing effort for creators.
  • Leveraged announcements: Capitalize on a prospect’s recent announcement by using video prospecting to congratulate and introduce yourself.
  • Reminders and reconnectors: Use videos for upcoming appointments or to re-engage with contacts in a more personal manner.
  • Content marketing: Introduce new marketing content, such as case studies or white papers, through video prospecting emails, consolidating video, content attachment, and text CTA in one email.

Essential Tips for Successful Video Prospecting

While it may not land you a star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame, incorporating essential video prospecting concepts can significantly boost your chances of closing deals efficiently:

Think about production value

“Lights, camera, action” may be a cliché, but it provides a solid framework for filming success. Prioritize bright lighting, a tripod-mounted camera, a quality background, and decent audio-recording capabilities.

Choose an intriguing thumbnail

Move beyond text and include an eye-catching thumbnail that aligns with the video’s topic. For complex messages, consider using images of individuals representing your target clients.

Show it around

Sharing draft videos with your team helps catch errors that prospects might notice. Even the best directors receive negative feedback, so editing initial attempts leads to a more professional outcome.

Write your supporting message (don’t forget your CTA!)

After completing your video, craft a supporting text message for your chosen prospecting channel. Develop a compelling subject line, enter your message, and conclude with an enticing call-to-action.

In Conclusion

  • Video prospecting introduces a fresh and engaging medium for outreach in sales.
  • To create impactful prospecting videos, leverage proven scripts and focus on quality production methods.
  • Explore a range of video prospecting tools for automation and scalability in personalized campaigns.

Remember, delivering a great prospecting video begins with reaching your ideal prospects. Platforms like ours offer the means to search for prospects or use our extension anywhere on the web. Take advantage and try it for free!

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