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Empowering Voices. Women in Sales Share Their Journey

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In the world of sales and B2B technology, a clear gender disparity has long been evident. Recent figures from 2021 show that only a modest 32.2% of B2B sales representatives were women. However, these statistics don’t define the profound impact that women have in the field.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, it’s an opportune moment to delve into the experiences of women in sales during 2023. Through insightful conversations, we’ve gathered perspectives from accomplished women who offer advice to their younger selves, armed with the wisdom they’ve gained through experience.

Leaning into Challenges

Sales is renowned for its demanding nature, characterized by performance-driven compensation and the steady stream of “no” responses. These challenges are universal, yet women in sales encounter additional obstacles, including unconscious biases from colleagues and prospects. As with most pursuits in life, facing challenges head-on is often the most effective strategy. Rather than shying away, the women at Bruxt advocate embracing these challenges and acknowledging that the journey won’t always be effortless.

  • Advice from Dafna Sasson, Account Executive: “Embrace the prospect interactions where you lead assertively. Build the relationship regardless of initial objections. Over time, credibility will overshadow doubts.”
  • Guidance from Sarah Bagge, Sales Development Representative: “Rejection isn’t negative. Your response matters most. Trust the process and the lessons it brings.”

Strategic Conversations

Implicit biases can complicate communication dynamics in workplaces, requiring meticulous consideration of both words and demeanor. This is particularly relevant in sales, where relationships are pivotal to success.

  • Hadar Samia, Account Executive Team Lead, emphasizes: “Balancing assertiveness with aggression is a delicate task. Be discerning in your interactions, especially when delivering feedback.”

Mentorship and Advocacy

Mentorship plays a pivotal role in navigating any career, imparting wisdom and providing guidance to navigate challenges. This holds even more true in industries historically dominated by men.

  • Dafna Sasson, Account Executive: “Seek female mentors in leadership roles. Witness their fearlessness and draw motivation. This visibility is vital for beginners.”
  • Fostering alliances: Building alliances with colleagues who comprehend the unique challenges women face can provide essential support. Raising awareness within organizations can lead to lasting change.

Celebrating Uniqueness

While challenges are undeniable, women possess attributes like communication skills and attention to detail that are pivotal to sales success. Embracing these qualities can foster achievements despite the hurdles.

  • Dafna Sasson, Account Executive: “Embrace your womanhood. Leverage your unique strengths to stand out in the male-dominated landscape. Support other women in their ascent.”

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, common among women, involves doubting one’s accomplishments and feeling inadequate. In male-dominated fields, this can be amplified. Advocating for oneself and recognizing inherent value is crucial.

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome: Understanding your value is key to negotiation, similar to selling. Hadar Samia advises, “As long as you’re aware of your worth, negotiating for a better salary becomes feasible.”
  • Amanda Michienzi, Talent Acquisition & HR professional: “Never let imposter syndrome hinder you. Your diverse perspective adds unique value. Embrace confidence and remain open to learning.”

Future of Sales: Inclusivity Matters

As the sales landscape evolves, the role of women is increasingly pivotal. Overcoming challenges, celebrating individuality, and self-advocacy are central tenets for success. This counsel from remarkable women resonates not only within sales but across sectors striving for gender parity.

The journey forward involves cultivating environments that empower women, fostering mentorship, diversity, and equitable opportunities. Amplifying voices and experiences contributes to dismantling barriers, creating a more inclusive industry.

Empowering women in sales is a strategic imperative, contributing to innovation, broadening perspectives, and driving organizational triumph.

In conclusion:

  • Sales, though male-dominated, can witness women’s success by embracing individuality and surmounting challenges.
  • Mentorship and alliances are crucial in navigating a demanding environment.
  • Imposter syndrome affects all, but recognizing value is essential.
  • Inclusive workplaces benefit both women and organizations.

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