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Exploring the World of Sales Consulting

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A sales consultant plays a crucial role in today’s business landscape. Unlike traditional sales representatives, sales consultants adopt an advisory approach when it comes to promoting their employer’s products or services. Their primary objective is to provide valuable information to potential customers, empowering them to make informed decisions. Let’s delve deeper into the world of sales consulting and understand what sets it apart from conventional sales practices.

The Essence of Sales Consulting

At its core, sales consulting revolves around offering guidance and recommendations rather than imposing sales pitches. It entails leveraging the consultant’s expertise and experience to assist customers in finding solutions that best fit their needs. Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Imagine a scenario where a client is contemplating the purchase of 20 business phones for their field workers. While a traditional salesperson might push for the sale without considering the client’s specific requirements, a sales consultant takes a different approach.

The sales consultant begins by thoroughly understanding the client’s situation. They assess whether investing in business phones aligns with the client’s goals and operational needs. For instance, they might recommend business phones for a company that requires field technicians to provide 24/7 customer support. However, if it appears that buying these phones would not be cost-effective for the client, the sales consultant will provide an honest assessment, ensuring the decision ultimately rests with the client.

A Glimpse into the Daily Life of a Sales Consultant

Now that we’ve grasped the essence of sales consulting, let’s explore what a typical day in the life of a sales consultant looks like. Each day is filled with diverse tasks and challenges that contribute to the consultant’s success.

Picture a Monday morning at the office. The week kicks off with a company-wide sales call, where team members review the statistics from the previous week. It’s an opportunity to assess performance, identify strengths, and address areas that need improvement.

Following the sales call, the sales consultant embarks on their first appointment of the day. This is where their skills are put to the test. Landing a significant client who is eager to sign a one-year contract with your small business accounting firm is a major win.

Preparing for this pivotal meeting involves a deep dive into the service contract. The consultant must provide the potential client with comprehensive insights into the services offered. Upon securing the contract, the onboarding process commences.

During onboarding, the consultant goes the extra mile to make the new client feel valued. It’s customary to extend a token of appreciation to larger clients, such as a shiny new pen or notebook. Additionally, the consultant gathers pertinent details about the client, such as specific software preferences or even personal tidbits, like the fact that the business owner has a dog named Charlie. These details serve as a foundation for the client’s relationship with their assigned account manager.

However, not every client interaction is straightforward. Sales consultants occasionally encounter what can be described as a ‘worm’ on their hook. These ‘worms’ are clients who, despite being demanding and contributing minimally to the consultant’s portfolio, require significant attention. Handling such clients requires finesse and patience. It’s a reminder that in the world of business-to-business interactions, professionalism and adaptability are key.

Furthermore, the life of a sales consultant is dynamic, with schedules frequently shifting due to unforeseen circumstances or client rescheduling. Managing these day-to-day challenges often feels like a juggling act, but skilled consultants thrive in such an environment, knowing that the sales floor has always resembled a captivating circus.

Qualities of an Exceptional Sales Consultant

What distinguishes an exceptional sales consultant from the rest? It’s not about applying excessive pressure or incessantly pestering customers to make a purchase. Instead, it’s about mastering a strategic approach to sales.

Exceptional sales consultants have honed their sales process to perfection. This process comprises a series of well-thought-out steps aimed at closing deals with potential clients. These steps encompass various communication channels, including emails, phone calls, voicemails, social media messages, and content delivery. The goal is to engage with prospects over a structured timeframe until they are ready to initiate a meeting or make a purchase.

Technology offers the convenience of automating numerous communication touchpoints. However, a great sales consultant approaches each interaction with care and precision. They tailor their outreach based on a thorough understanding of the client’s profile and business needs. Most importantly, they respect the client’s time and prioritize clear and concise communication.

The messages they send are brief, informative, and devoid of intrusiveness. They refrain from bombarding the client’s inbox or voicemail, recognizing the importance of allowing clients to enjoy their meals without disruptions.

In conclusion

A sales consultant’s role is multifaceted, requiring a blend of expertise, adaptability, and a client-centric approach. They serve as trusted advisors, guiding clients toward solutions that genuinely benefit their businesses. With the right skills and qualities, a sales consultant can transform prospects into satisfied customers, ultimately achieving the status of a sales virtuoso.

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