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How to Discover Email by Name

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It can be incredibly frustrating when your attempts to find an email address turn out unsuccessful, especially when you really need it. However, it’s possible that your approach to searching for these email addresses has been flawed all along. Alternatively, the individuals you’re trying to contact may have intentionally made their contact information challenging to find, for reasons known only to them.

The good news is that often, this contact information is actually hidden in plain sight. Although it may require some digging most of the time, with the right techniques and email finder tools, it’s possible to uncover the email addresses of virtually anyone. This includes not only personal Gmail addresses but also company email addresses and contact information related to their online presence, even if such information is not readily visible.

At, we take pleasure in sharing our tactics on how to find someone’s email address in just a few minutes. So, let’s embark on the journey of locating the people you’re looking for!

How can we locate an individual’s email address for free by using their name? Let’s begin the search now!

Begin the process by turning to Google and making use of search operators as your primary approach. Let’s dive right in!

Most of us rely on Google as our first choice when seeking answers because it possesses a vast amount of knowledge, including access to individuals’ email addresses.

Google continuously gathers data from various sources, including websites, social media platforms, public databases, and user-contributed information. If you haven’t already tried it, using Google to search for email addresses can potentially provide you with your desired contact information in just a couple of clicks.

The simplest method to find an email address by a person’s name using Google is to enter the name followed by the phrase “email address” and initiate the search.

It is important to note that using this approach does not guarantee instant and precise results, as the outcomes may be quite broad. However, you can enhance the accuracy by adding additional information such as the prospect’s email domain (e.g.,, their position, and the company they work for. This can help narrow down the search results.

If this basic method fails to yield the desired outcome, you can utilize Google Search Operators to conduct an advanced search. These operators consist of symbols like [ ] and “” which instruct Google to provide exact matches and refine the search results.

To further enhance your search, input these specific queries into the search bar and examine the outcomes.

  • [Target’s full name] + email 
  • [Target’s full name] + “email address” 
  • [Target’s full name] + company + email 
  • [Target’s full name] + linkedIn 
  • [Target’s full name] + “contact” 

Having knowledge of the person’s current or past employment at a specific company can be highly beneficial. Additionally, here’s a method to extract an email address from a website. Simply enter the following instructions in your search bar:

Type the following in your search bar to uncover an email from a website: + [Target’s full name] + email + [Target’s full name] + position + email + [Target’s full name] + contact + [Target’s full name] + email + [first name.second name] + companyname + “email” 

Thoroughly search through the social networks of your targets.

It’s important to note that a significant number of individuals, approximately 4 billion, are actively using various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. This accounts for a massive 51% of the global population. Therefore, it’s highly likely that your target is active on at least one, if not multiple, social media platforms.

One common characteristic of these platforms is that they typically require users to provide an email address during the signup process, often for verification purposes, along with other personal information. While many users choose to keep their contact information private, there are individuals who don’t mind having it easily accessible to the public. In fact, due to the transformation of social media platforms into social marketing sites on a global scale, it has become common for account owners to have their contact information publicly available on their profiles or pages.

Here’s a method to discover email addresses on social media networks.


We specifically prioritize LinkedIn on this list due to its status as the leading professional social network worldwide. While LinkedIn primarily focuses on professional networking and career advancement, it has also gained popularity as a social media platform.

LinkedIn stands out for its strong emphasis on business-oriented interactions, making it an excellent platform for connecting with the right audience, whether for B2B targeting or B2C networking. Furthermore, compared to other platforms, LinkedIn provides more readily available business contact information, further solidifying its position as a valuable resource.

It is quite common for individuals to include their email addresses in the “contact info” section of their LinkedIn profiles. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check this section first when searching for someone’s email address on LinkedIn.


When creating a Facebook account, users are required to provide an email address, which makes it a potential source for obtaining your prospect’s email address, assuming their contact information is publicly visible.

To search for an email address by name on Facebook, visit the target’s profile and click on the “About” section, followed by “Contact and Basic Info.” If the person has set their contact information to be viewable by the public, you should be able to see their email address, mobile phone number, website, and social media links. However, if their email address is not visible to everyone, you can look for other relevant information that may aid you in alternative email address lookup methods.

While exploring their profile, you can also consider directly requesting their email address through Facebook Messenger. By providing value and demonstrating respect, there is a higher likelihood that they may be willing to share their email address with you. It’s essential to be precise and maintain a respectful approach to increase your chances of obtaining the desired information.


Similar to Facebook, the bio section on Twitter is often the first place to search for your target’s email address. Some individuals who prefer to be contacted via email may publicly list it there, which would simplify your email hunt.

However, it’s important to note that many people do not include their email addresses in their Twitter bio due to limited space. In such cases, there are other avenues worth exploring.

First, check if your prospects have shared website links or links to other social media platforms in their bio. Clicking on these links might lead you to the desired contact information. If you can’t find their contact info on the provided website link, you can perform a quick WhoIs search on the domain name, as explained in step 4 of the process.

Second, utilize Twitter Advanced Search to enhance your search. If you haven’t found the email address yet, your last attempt to locate it on Twitter is by using the Twitter Advanced Search feature. This function allows you to refine your search to precisely what you’re looking for within a specific Twitter account. The Advanced Search option is readily available on the Twitter Web App. If you are using a smartphone, you will need to search for directly. On the Advanced Search Page, input the words you’re searching for (in this case: “email”) and then scroll up to specify the Twitter account you want to investigate for the email address.


To find your prospect’s email address on Instagram, it’s recommended to switch from using a desktop or laptop to using the Instagram app on your smartphone. Surprisingly, the desktop web version of Instagram does not display the user’s complete profile information. Follow these steps on your Instagram app:

  • Search for your prospect’s username within the Instagram app.
  • Click on their username to access their profile.
  • Navigate to their bio section by scrolling down on their profile page.
  • With luck, you might find their email address conveniently displayed in their bio.
  • However, if you cannot locate the email address or an email-specific tab, it’s likely that they have chosen not to include it in their bio.

It’s worth noting that not all Instagram users publicly display their email addresses, so the presence of the email address in their bio is not guaranteed.

Consider utilizing an email address lookup tool to assist you in your search.

An effective approach is to utilize email address search services, also known as email finders. These tools scour the internet for your lead’s contact information based on the details you provide, such as their full name, email, or company domain.

Email address lookup tools offer a faster alternative compared to traditional methods. They can be incredibly useful when you need to generate a list of email addresses within a short period.

While the best email address finders typically require payment, many offer freemium plans or free trials, allowing you to assess their effectiveness before committing to a paid subscription.

It’s important to note that paid email address tools can become costly, especially if the results are not satisfactory. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on reputable and well-established services with positive reviews and track records of success.

These tools can assist you in your email address search endeavors. It’s recommended to explore their features, pricing, and user reviews to determine the best fit for your specific needs.


Bruxt is the email lead generation platform designed specifically for B2B sales professionals aiming to efficiently reach key business decision-makers. This platform excels in both speed and accuracy, offering significant benefits in terms of reducing prospecting time and improving lead conversion rates.

Bruxt ‘s primary strengths lie in its exceptional speed, allowing salespersons to quickly identify and connect with relevant prospects. Additionally, its high level of accuracy ensures that the generated leads are highly targeted and relevant, increasing the chances of successfully converting them into clients.

By leveraging the capabilities of Bruxt, B2B sales professionals can streamline their lead generation process, optimize their prospecting efforts, and enhance their overall sales performance.

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Adapt is a renowned global provider of B2B contact and company databases across various industries. It offers a comprehensive sales acceleration platform that includes industry-leading products like Lead Builder and Prospector.

This tool is capable of locating the email address of individuals worldwide by utilizing their first name, last name, and the domain name of their company. By inputting these specific details into the tool, it conducts a search to identify the corresponding email address associated with the given criteria. This functionality enables users to efficiently retrieve email addresses and facilitate communication with individuals across the globe.


With the help of this tool, you can efficiently find the email addresses of individuals worldwide by providing their first name, last name, and their company’s domain name. By inputting these specific details, the tool conducts a targeted search to identify the corresponding email address associated with the provided criteria.

This tool specializes in finding verified professional email addresses from LinkedIn in a matter of seconds. It allows you to collect essential business data and connect with individuals who are relevant and significant to your professional endeavors.

Find that lead

Utilizing Find That Lead, you can quickly obtain all the email addresses associated with a given domain by inputting your prospects’ first name, last name, and domain name. This business-to-business email finder tool excels in providing rapid results, allowing you to retrieve the relevant email addresses within seconds.


Lush is a platform that aids business professionals in establishing reasonably fast and generally reliable connections with their leads, contacts, and candidates. It offers tools and services designed to facilitate efficient communication and engagement. is a platform that offers good sales opportunities to help businesses increase their sales and revenues when handled properly.

Email Permutator

An email permutator is a useful tool that allows you to generate different combinations of an email address by rearranging letters. By utilizing a permutator, you can create variations of an email address to increase your chances of finding the correct contact information.

For instance, if your email address is, the permutator can generate variations such as,,,, and so on.

Using an email permutator can be beneficial when you are searching for a specific contact but have limited information. It provides you with multiple combinations that you can then enter into an email verification tool to determine the correct email address.

Compared to a regulated email contact finder that typically delivers a smaller number of ranked email addresses based on accuracy, an email permutator offers a broader range of combinations to explore.

Having an email permutator tool at your disposal is valuable, particularly when your regular contact finder fails to provide the desired email address. It expands your options and helps in finding the right contact information for effective communication.

Here is a list of some of them, you can probably find more on Google

  • Metric Sparrow
  • Mail Meteor
  • Voila Norbert

Subscription or join my mail list

Have you considered utilizing the ‘Join My Mailing List’ button on your prospects’ website or blog as a potential method for obtaining their email address? This approach is relatively simple and can lead you to your target’s personal email address in a matter of minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find an email address using an opt-in form on your target’s website:

  • Begin by clicking the ‘Join My Mailing List’ or ‘Newsletter’ button on their website or blog.
  • Fill out the required details, which typically include your email address, first name, and last name.
  • After submitting your information, you will likely receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription.
  • Open the confirmation email and click on the provided link to verify your subscription.
  • Once you have opened the confirmation email, you will have the opportunity to hit the ‘reply’ button.
  • By replying to the confirmation email, you will be able to view your target’s email address right in front of you.

This method leverages the opt-in process to gain access to your target’s email address, as it is often included in the confirmation email sent to subscribers. It is a straightforward and potentially effective way to obtain the desired contact information within a short period of time.

Web Contact Form 

The web contact form on your prospect’s website is another valuable resource that should not be overlooked. This page provides a convenient way for you to make inquiries or ask questions directly to the company. Typically, these contact forms are managed by virtual assistants or customer support representatives. While it might not always be possible to obtain the direct email address of your target, you can use the contact form as an opportunity to connect with them indirectly.

When reaching out through a web contact form, it’s important to keep your message concise and focused. Less is more in this case, as you want to capture the attention of the recipient quickly and make it easy for them to respond.

To increase your chances of standing out and getting a response, consider including a professional email signature that clearly identifies who you are and your purpose for reaching out. This can help differentiate your inquiry from others and leave a positive impression.

While the web contact form may not always lead to direct access to your target’s email address, it serves as an effective means of initiating communication and establishing a connection. Don’t hesitate to utilize this method and make the most out of the opportunities it presents.

Making use of personal relationships

Occasionally, obtaining your prospects’ email addresses can be as straightforward as seeking assistance from your targets’ colleagues. If you have the colleagues’ email addresses in your contact list, you can send them a courteous and friendly message inquiring about the best way to reach your prospect via email. However, it’s important to note that this approach may not be the most formal method, so it’s advisable to consider it as a last resort option.

In summary

Certainly, email address lookup has become more challenging due to increasing privacy concerns. However, with the methods we’ve discussed on how to find someone’s email address by name, we hope that the process has become easier for you as well. We would be interested to know which email address search methods and tools have proven to be the most effective in your operations.

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